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Testimonials for Geoff Thomas


The following are testimonials from individuals about the life and ministry of Geoff Thomas, highlighting the direct influence his faithfulness to the Lord has had here in New Zealand.

We were privileged to host Geoff Thomas as the keynote speaker for STAND 2011.


Jesus, and often brilliance!

I lived with Geoff Thomas and his family in Aberystwyth, Wales for two years while I studied theology. Those were the years 1979-1981. Several years later, in 1984, he spoke at my wedding in Australia, having already preached at a Conference here in New Zealand.

What a privilege to have lived with him in his home; to watch a man who loved to read and who studied and prepared so carefully, to see such a happy man in his home who could laugh at himself and to enjoy observing a pastor at the end of a busy Sunday sitting with the students of his congregation and relishing the discussion. On Sundays I walked down those grey, wet and slated streets to Alfred Place near the Promenade and sat in blackened pews to hear him preach and what a pleasure it was! Always there was passion, insight, theological soundness, Jesus, and often brilliance!

We’d go to London with Mozart or travel to Bala to meet with other pastors. He was their joy-filled leader. He was a chatterer who loved life, observed it seemed, nearly everything and I loved him. You couldn’t do better than to hear him when he speaks here in New Zealand again.

– Stephen Turner, Shore Baptist Church, Auckland


How God used Geoff

As university students in Aberystwyth we first came across Geoff Thomas at the University Christian Union in 1991. He, among others, faithfully preached the gospel to a group of ~50 students who met in one of the student halls on a Saturday evening through the academic year. His commitment to the Christian students in his care was even more evident once we started attending Alfred Place Baptist Church (affectionately known as A.P.’) in 1992. The weekly gathering of students at Y Mans (manse) after the Sunday evening service for supper was an enjoyable opportunity for discussion, fellowship and discipleship and a demonstration of warm hospitality to the students (and other young adults) by Geoff and Iola, whose home was always open.

This time was foundational and formative in our Christian life. The Lord had saved us and now given us a hunger for His Word which was being satisfied in Geoff’s ministry at A.P. We arrived at A.P. early on in Geoff’s series on 1 & 2 Kings and Hebrews, which grounded us in redemptive history and biblical theology and the Lord saturated us with glorious truths. Geoff baptised us in 1993 and we became members of the church, which couldn’t have been more different from what we’d been used to in a large, charismatic Anglican church. The Grace Hymns and the hymn sandwich’ were unfamiliar, the church organ was temperamental, Geoff led the singing a capella at times, but the Lord blessed His Word faithfully, powerfully and warmly proclaimed and He held us fast under it. A demonstration, we believe, of the Lord’s grace and power to overrule all preference and prejudice.

We look back to those Aberystwyth days and Geoff’s ministry with warm affection and thankfulness to the Lord, as we’re sure do countless other students who have passed through the doors of A.P. and Y Mans. Those were times of blessing, instruction, teaching, building and, in the Lord’s providence, preparation, since we, together with many others who have been blessed by Geoff’s long and faithful ministry are now serving our Saviour in a distant land far from that little church on the coast of Wales.

– Ian & Kath Fuller, Grace Reformed Baptist Church, Palmerston North


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