Carl Trueman

Westminster Theological Seminary, USA

Carl Trueman

Westminster Theological Seminary, USA


Carl Trueman is Paul Woolley Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and the Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Ambler, Pennsylvania, USA. He is author of The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind and The Creedal Imperative and a range of other books and essays including The Wages of Spin: Critical Writings on Historic and Contemporary Evangelicalism and Minority Report: Unpopular Essays on Everything from Ancient Christianity to Zen Calvinism.

Carl studied at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge and the University of Aberdeen, and previously taught at the University of Aberdeen and the University of Nottingham. He was editor of Themelios from 1998 to 2007, and is a council member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. He blogs regularly and co-hosts a regular podcast called The Mortification of Spin. He lives in Oreland with his wife, Catriona, and has two sons.

Carl’s sermons from the 2015 Stand Conference:

Theme: “Judges and Kings: The Gospel in the Old Testament”

  1. Carl Trueman – Mercy… or Compromise? (Judges 1)
  2. Carl Trueman – When Sodom is Here, Where is the Gospel? (Judges 19)
  3. Carl Trueman – The Man From Nowhere (1 Kings 17)
  4. Carl Trueman – Combat on Mt. Carmel (1 Kings 18:20-19:18)
  5. Carl Trueman – When Geography is Gospel (2 Kings 2)

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