2019 speakers

Keynote Speaker

Joel R. Beeke is a minister of the Heritage Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, where he is also the professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics. At STAND 2019 he will speak on the theme of “Jesus, The Perfect, Resurrected Counsellor”.

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Seminar Speakers

We have invited a range of speakers to address topics that challenge us to apply the gospel and its implications to our life and service.

Both Conferences:

  • Mary Beeke – The Kindness of Jesus Christ (Women’s Seminar) – Kindness is underrated. If the law and the prophets are summarized by the command for us to love God above all and our neighbor as ourselves, then one of the expressions of love, kindness, ought to be front and center in our lives. Is it? The words and example of precious Jesus Christ inspire us to be more kind.

South Island Conference:

  • Nick Clevely – “A Theology of Membership” – The gospel creates the church and the gospel creates the interior motivation for every believer to be a contributing member of the church.  In our seminar on the theology of membership we will be exploring the Bible’s description of God’s work in uniting us in one body and how a recognition of this reality grounds and shapes our behaviour to fulfil all the duties required of being a member of the Church.
  • Albert Couperus – “Christian Discipling: What Does It Look Like?” – We know the command to go out and make disciples but discipling doesn’t stop when people become Christians. In this Seminar we are going to spend some time looking at Christian Discipleship, particularly in the area of mentoring. Some of the questions we will be asking: How do we mentor those younger in the faith? What are the benefits of mutual accountability? What does peer discipleship look like?

North Island Conference:

  • Brian Morton – “An introduction to Gospel-centred counselling: Connecting the Gospel to real life” – People’s deep struggles and suffering deserve much more than a biblical concordance, one-problem, one-verse, one-solution approach. Rather, they need the rich, robust and relevant connection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Gospel-centred counselling, the Bible’s grand redemptive narrative is the controlling lens through which a person’s life story should be understood and interpreted. This seminar will practically help people view their past with faith and their life through cross-focused eyes.
  • Michael Drake – “The Treaty and the Bible” – Despite the gospel’s massive initial impact on Māori and on the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, our churches have relatively few Māori members.  This seminar aims to explain that alienation from Māori, and to encourage biblical ways of bridging that divide.