2012 Speakers

Keynote Speaker

We are delighted to welcome back Conrad Mbewe to New Zealand for the 2012 conference.

Conrad Mbewe is the current pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. Widely regarded as “the African Spurgeon”, Conrad is also the Principal of the Reformed Baptist Preachers College in Zambia, and together with KBC continues to oversee the establishment of over 20 new Reformed churches in Zambia and Botswana.

Alongside his preaching and teaching ministry, Conrad is the editor of Reformation Zambia magazine, as well as a columnist for several Zambian newspapers. His most recent book is Foundations for the Flock: Truths About the Church for All the Saints (2011, Granted Ministries). He also contributed a chapter to Dear Timothy: Letters on Pastoral Ministry (2004, Founders Press). He has been married for over 20 years to Felistas. They have three children, two sons and a daughter, and raise a number of other nephews and nieces in their household.

Learn more about Conrad in this video interview from August 2011:

Even more about Conrad:

Workshop Speakers

In the workshops, you will be challenged to apply the gospel to every facet of your Christian life, with an even wider selection of topics this year.

  • Cam Gracey: Evangelism/Christianity Explored Training
  • Joe Fleener: Learning to Read to the Glory of God
  • Paul Davison: Ministry for Everyone: Reading the Bible One on One
  • Peter Collier: Training? Me? How the Gospel Compels Us to be Equipped
  • Peter Somervell: Gospel Centred Leadership
  • Mandy Fleener: Creativity to the Glory of God
  • William Chong: Letting the Gospel Shape our Gathered Worship




Cam Gracey is the national coordinator for Christianity Explored, and in his second year on the TIM training course in Christchurch.

A Chartered Accountant by trade, Cam became a Christian at the tender age of 28 through the ministry of the Christianity Explored course run at All Souls Langham Place, London. Since returning to his homeland in 2002, Cam and his wife Jo have been passionate advocates of the course. In between having three children they’ve run the course at least every year since at their home church St Johns Latimer Square, Christchurch. Many other churches in New Zealand now run the course, and Cam’s role with CE is to promote the resource and equip churches to run it. In his spare time, Cam enjoys reading, strumming the guitar and eating (sometimes all at the same time!).

Cam is a contributor to two blogs: www.kiwifruitblog.org and the rather more obscure and slightly random www.blt.org.nz. His workshop at STAND 2012 will center on evangelism and how Christianity Explored can be a useful tool to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.



Joe Fleener serves as Associate Pastor of Howick Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Joe received his theological training at Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA, USA. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer of Ethics and Hebrew Exegesis/Ruth at Grace Theological College, and the Regional Trainer for BibleWorks in New Zealand. Joe is a full-time husband to Mandy, and father to one son and two daughters. As a family they enjoy music, many outdoor activities, reading, and learning more about God’s wonderful creation.

Joe blogs about family and personal study at joefl.wordpress.com, and he is also a contributor to the gospel-focused kiwifruit blog. His workshop at STAND 2012 will provide a Biblical basis for reading not just the Scriptures, but also literature in general. This workshop will help you think through why and how to read, even for those who find reading difficult.



Paul Davison has served as pastor of Hastings Baptist Church in Hastings, New Zealand since 1999. He studied at Spurgeon’s College in London, and Carey Baptist College in Auckland. He is currently completing a thesis through the Laidlaw-Carey Graduate School on the topic: "Why was Jesus Baptised?". Before taking up full-time ministry, Paul worked in the corporate IT industry and spent time as a business analyst. He is married to Joy and together they have four teenage daughters.

Paul is a contributor to two blogs: kiwi-made preaching and the gospel-focused kiwifruit blog. His workshop at STAND 2012 is titled "Ministry for Everyone: Reading the Bible One on One", and will be looking at how ordinary believers can give and receive extraordinary encouragement through simply meeting with someone else to read and think about the Bible.



Peter Collier is Director of the TIM Training Course, a one-year intensive course aimed at equipping people to teach the Bible. Prior to 2010, Peter was the assistant minister at St John’s Anglican Church in Latimer Square, Christchurch for 9 years. He is married to Melissa and has two children. In his family some people love violin, Star Wars, trademe, climbing frames, Aussie Rules football and rugby – and they all love the Muppets.

Peter is particularly passionate about praying for workers for the Lord’s harvest in New Zealand and doing whatever possible to help them be raised up. His workshop at STAND 2012, “Training? Me? How the Gospel Compels Us to be Equipped”, will focus on training gospel workers for this harvest field.



Peter Somervell serves as Senior Pastor of Howick Baptist Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Peter was trained at The Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California, and was appointed at HBC in July 2006 after serving for several years at Wanganui East Baptist Church. Peter and his wife, Francelle, have four very active teenage children (as well as one mischievous Jack-Russell). Their household enjoys music, reading, eating, and outdoor activities.

Peter’s workshop at STAND 2012 will address the subject of gospel-centered leadership. There is no end to the amount of books written on leadership in the church, and some benefit can always be gleaned from them. But often too much emphasis is placed on leadership ability, style and technique, rather than the leader’s character, convictions, and example. Peter will be addressing these matters, as well as sharing something from his own experience in his past 18 years of pastoral leadership.



Mandy Fleener serves and worships at Howick Baptist Church in Auckland. She is married to Joe Fleener and is the mother and full-time teacher to her three children. She has also taught various women’s Bible studies, women’s seminars, and children’s home technology classes. Also, Mandy received her Bachelor of Arts in Music in the USA. She enjoys many areas of creativity including music, photography, sewing — and even maths! She delights in being creative in all areas of life and using the resources God has given her for the glory of God as well as the benefit of others.

Mandy’s workshop is intended to provide a Biblical perspective on creativity. The following questions are some of what will be explored: What really is creativity? Who is creative? Isn’t creativity really just for the “arts-y” people? How and where can we show creativity? Can I be creative as an _________? How can I become more creative? Why should I bother?



William Chong is a technical writer by vocation, and oversees the gathered worship ministry at Howick Baptist Church in a volunteer capacity. He graduated from the University of Auckland with Bachelors degrees in both music and science, and holds an Associate Diploma in music performance from Trinity Guildhall in London. He is married to Cheryl, and together they have one (very lively) baby daughter.

“What songs should we do first?” “Why do we have a call to worship?” “Where should announcements go?” “Why does our liturgy do this first?” “Should we sing more before or after the message?” William’s workshop will help pastors, worship/service leaders, musicians and others involved or invested in the planning and leadership of worship meetings (i.e. anyone) to explore how the gospel of Jesus Christ informs and inspires both the structure and content of our gathered worship.